My grandma, who was one of my dearest and closest friends, was in a nursing home the past ten years of her life. Our visits were constantly filled with conversations of secrets shared just between she and I., and family, buddies, special memories of times gone by On most of the visits I'd see a side of my sweet grandma that I never recalled seeing before her move to the nursing home; she'd become rather aggressive and forthright, I think after years of being meek and soft spoken she'd deserved the right to express her view! As she looked at the unknown delicacy, she asked the attendant, "What's that?" The attendant answered, "Mrs. Lamm, that is fish!", at which time my grandma answered, "Here I 'm, 95 years old and I ain't never found no square fish!"

This wouldn't be a deep statement for the majority of us, but coming from my aged grandmother, who talked severely about anyone or anything or never expressed her view, this was quite deep!


You know the exercise with Charlotte street names. We moved into a huge 2500 square foot house in January 2000. To the left of the foyer was. Off the kitchen was just beyond that was a little sunroom and a breakfast nook. A sprinkler system for an aluminum black picket fence and the brand new sod lawn graced the back yard. We did additional landscaping with some upgrades to putting Encore azaleas and glowing yellow, red and pink day lilies on the front yard edge with our neighbor along with flowering shrubs. We also believed it an excellent idea to put a butterfly bush next to the deck with bright yellow blooms to bring butterflies that were beautiful. It was early summer 2003 and this really is where the actual story starts. Frank enjoyed to fill up flooring and the deck railing with various flowering potted plants in the spring, summer and autumn. We detected right away in the springtime that was late that butterfly bush and the flowers was bringing hummingbirds, to our great joy. The post held a net sock full of Finch food as well as on the other arm a hummingbird feeder was put by us. As we were being blessed with one or more hummingbirds, this was the sign to not only appear but be quiet. As long as we were quiet and not going they paid us no attention as they went from plant to plant, flower to blossom feeding on sweet nectar.

One late day weekday in June or I was heading home from work, possibly July. Frank wasn't going to be home until after and was outside someplace that day. I hit the garage door opener per my normal custom and rounded the corner. I saw her 2 kids and a neighbor close to the drive pointing at something in the grass. I parked in the drive rather than the garage to research the motion in the grass. I was shocked for several seconds to see the poor creature I discovered was a hummingbird! My thoughts started racing as I instantly became determined to attempt to save it. I gradually slid my hand under the miniature bird. It was not so ugly. A miniature body attached to a remarkably long bill. A fast assessment revealed that there was something white covering body and the wings.

I rushed to the garage together with the fowl in my hand. The entire time it absolutely was in my hand it didn't move. Did it feel I was really going to help it? I put the bird in a substantial carton that it couldn't readily get out of so it wouldn't move to other sections of the garage where it may get hurt. I grabbed the telephone and ran inside. But who to call for assistance? My first idea was to call the bird sanctuary in Myers Park, Wing Haven. Certainly they'll have the knowledge of what to tell me. It was a little after 5:00 in the day and no one replied. I needed to think fast. I phoned them and looked up the number. Someone replied! After several minutes she came back with a name and contact number. It ended up being a number for a woman who lived in Monroe who was some sort of bird specialist. I dialed her number anxiously, praying that she was dwelling. No response. I left my number to an urgent message. It sometimes flopped about attempting to fly and was in the carton.

In under ten minutes the woman (I do not recall her name) called me back. I told her what was occurring. She said I can let you know what to do and there is no time to squander. Since they burn so much energy in flight, hummingbirds must feed continuously. The birds find security in the trees, when it gets dusk. She said it was critical to get it fed. She stated that she envisioned this was a juvenile bird which was still learning the ways of life. The white things on the fowl was spider web. I thanked her, got her teachings and started my jobs immediately. I decanted it into a little bowl and got the nectar. Additionally, I caught a Qtip with water in it from the restroom and another bowl. I picked the bird up and it grew quiet. I duplicated this 3 or 2 more times. I immediately dipped the end of the Q tip into the bowl of water and started stroking the fowl back and wings with the wet Qtip. The internet things was coming off. I dunked the Q tip repeatedly in the water and duplicated the stroking. I got most of the net away.

When my hold loosened the bird began to fly across the garage but it was disoriented. It bounced off the wall somewhat and flew around to the wall and started to fly toward the rear of the garage. What do I do? The single thing I really could think of was that I needed to get it. Luckily I was able to do that. I held it in my hand but put my other hand over the very top of the fowl to stop it from escaping until I was prepared. I stood in the drive nicely away from the house and walked out of the garage. I sent up a fast prayer to please help this hummingbird as it was growing alarmingly close to twilight and it needed to get to security they go to spend. I pulled my top hand off and away it flew! It went across the road behind the neighbors' house to a wooded area right through the road.

I was very joyful and thrilled. As the franticness and rushing about had worn me down, I was likewise exhausted. But it turned out to be a joyful fatigue at least. We do not get many chances to help a wild creature, particularly something as valuable as a hummingbird. The lesson is the fact that we should never give up on helping some creature or someone if we believe that we do not understand what to do.


One of Frank's favourite expressions is "There are not any coincidences". An easy four word statement that reveals another of Frank's favourite expressions "God is in control". Perhaps you have seen an angel? I have always desired to see any of these celestial beings, speak to one, ask questions. In biblical times messages were delivered by angels although they also carried out missions. Perhaps they do. As we woke up one morning in the summer of 2006 it was really going to be an extremely warm day. It is a location that is wonderful and not overly crowded generally. A doggie water bowl and bites when we go hiking we constantly take a back pack with bottled water. Frank told the dogs "do you need to really go ride"? Zack our Jack Russell Terrier began leaping up to his midsection nonstop as if on a pogo stick. Zoe our Golden was dancing about with her customary cheerful happy face. As that was all we'd bite shrewd, I snatched a few granola bars but I was happy I 'd something healthy to take with us. We'd quit in route to fill the little ice chest with ice and bottled water.

Frank went into the shop to get what was wanted. He also had a few bananas to give us another wholesome bite when he returned. We were prepared to strike out and iced down the water. So we have lots of bottles of water, bananas and granola bars; recall this for the latter part of the story.

Driving up the entry road you CAn't see the mountain nor does it just feel as if you're in the mountains. Stone Mountain isn't a high mountain that's one reason. At the bottom of the mountain is an excellent sized parking lot flanked by the office of a Ranger. Water fountains and restrooms supply the life support that is essential. Other details and maps are accessible in the office. In addition , there are outside grills in the wooded areas round the parking lot. We pass folks getting ready to grill while the day is actually heating up, and have picnics in the greater shade. We start our hike along a broad tree lined trail. We pass several individuals there and here and the dogs are having a grand time stopping sometimes to do a company or two and smelling sniffing. The score is steadily improving but it's not a hard walk. Round knolls of rock and granite poke up occasionally amid trees and the grassy areas. The knolls aren't too high and we traverse across them to return to the course. It's possible for you to see pot holes and little grooves in the rock carved out by years of weather and rain. We make the dogs water and a pit stop to give ourselves.

The trail picks up after passing this region of rock. The course is more meandering as well as the score is beginning to get steep. We never have seen that lots of individuals. Eventually at the top of the mountain we come on a big open region of granite out of the wooded trail. Plots of trees and grass pop out of the rock that is irregular. About a dozen folks are milling around, some children playing some sitting and grownups shooting videos or taking images. The normal things.

Several mountains are in view across a little valley observable below. We shoot everything in and simply sit with the dogs near some trees. I can feel God's presence so powerfully, when I am on a mountain surrounded by nature. I'm constantly in a blissful state of peace. We sat there with the dogs drinking more water and seeing the individuals.

After a while we walked around to the different side of the stone dome, drank more water and shot in the scene there. As we began to leave, one of us said I am still full as it was lunchtime. Now normally I'll eat anyhow but something told me to simply preserve it for after. So we started heading to the route down the mountain, Frank consented.

We were going down the trail away from the domed mountain top. We'd gone perhaps .2 of a mile when a little ways in the space we could see a tiny group of folks standing away on our left to the right or left side of the trail. One of the guys came running up to us with an extremely worried look on his face as we got much nearer. He said "we want help"! Like Frank says "There are not any coincidences". I cried out "we've all of that"! The remaining part of the group developed quite silent. One guy's mouth fell open, his eyes got big and he exclaimed "They Are angels, they are angels"! He didn't say this and he was as serious as a heart attack. Now not even my mom has called me an angel! He pulled out the last remaining bottle of plain water and a banana and granola bar. I said go right ahead and give bananas and granola bars to her, she may require it. So Frank given the very first guy who requested the assistance as well as the bottle of plain water both goodies. The guy said he just wanted half the water and created an empty plastic bottle. The whole thing was offered by us however he said no.

We discussed the occasion, as we were hiking down the mountain. As we walked, I was trembling. We discussed how God's hand was potently on us that day. The occasion was around in an issue of minutes but has changed me spiritually and I frequently think of that point. I've regretted not getting the people's names and amounts. I've frequently believed that this woman had something very significant left to do in this world and I wish I might have remained in touch to not see so unimportant. I 've also wondered if perhaps we saved her life although I do not understand much about diabetes. If she'd gone into a sugar jolt or whatever it is called, she also would have had to wait perhaps for a medical airlift or who knows what and was a long way from any hospital. Perhaps we only saved her from an uneasy day while attempting to race down the mountain to get help.

I constantly especially believe when I'm in the great outdoors loving His wonderful creation that I'm in both communication and communion with God. It appears to escape me most of the time although I wish I really could capture that communion more frequently at work or home. Amazing things can occur, as our narrative exemplifies when we're in a position of openness to hear Him.

Occasionally God wants us to be His angels when the actual angels are excessively active or not in position to execute His mission. We can be angels at just about any particular time, if we're prepared and open to the call. You know when you've done something that supplies incredible help to an animal or someone, you understand you get this extremely great tingly feeling all over? Perhaps that is one of his Angels patting us on the back for work well done or God. I am going to ask this question have you ever seen an Angel? Perhaps you need to look no farther in relation to the point of your nose.

Twenty eight years back, at a Sunday evening church service, two individuals met. One was self-conscious and uncertain, for finding a soul mate, the other worldly and assured, not expecting to discover a ball of clay waiting to be modeled, hoping for an answer to a lot of prayers. Little did they understand their meeting that evening would result in twenty eight years of life.

The meeting that night led to a number of months of ups and downs; loving, sharing, claiming, envy, sleepless nights, delight-filled days, a collection of assorted emotions, feelings, dispositions, and adjustments; the typical rollercoaster ride for most start relationships. But God had a plan, a strategy to maintain the two individuals together, no matter immaturity, selfishness, needs, and their stubbornness. As frequently occurs, God decides to let misfortune to be able to make clear way and the path he's intended. This was the case for these two apparently mismatched lovers. As always, God's strategy worked! The the next couple of months would result in a new course, new perspectives, a fresh obligation, as well as a redefining of love and what it really meant and should be.

A year after, on June 20, 1987, relatives and buddies seen the dedication of the two and blessed by God in a service that will start a fresh path in their own life journey.

Twenty five years of life; day in and day out challenges and parties.

Twenty five years of life together; fortified by the knowledge that regardless of what others might say and supported by relatives and buddies, love abides and bears when God creates and blessed it.

What exactly does the future hold? Just God understands that response. They'll always stand firm in their own belief that it was His plan about them to be jointly and that it's Him who has kept their love for every single other for all these many years.

Is it amazing or so incredible that two individuals could have such a life? No.

I will adore you eternally!



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