Many churches in The United States have embraced a business model of church. Their bottom line is the way many individuals are members of the church, how large their buildings are, how fine their facilities are, how big their budget is, how many people are on the staff. Bigness, nevertheless, might not be an indication of being a hint of God's favor or faithful. Instead, bigness can be a signal of challenging congregants to accept and live the values of the realm of God instead a church is representing the values of its own culture. Paradoxically, by embracing a business model of church congregations raise the chance they are going to be run or dominated by wealthy folks (You want cash to cover the bigness.), the very individuals Jesus indicated had the most problem accepting and living kingdom of God worth.

If someone needs to do something for the world as well as Jesus, we request that individual to share what they would like to do with the congregation to find out if others wish to join in. We place the ministry in the budget. It is not that complex.

Wedgewood preachers are supported to preach what they would like to preach and disagree and congregants are encouraged to discuss with sermons. All the truth can not be contained by any one sermon. The sermon is seen as a catalyst for idea/activity and not as the last word.

Differentiations of prerogative, power and estate, which use outside the doors of Wedgewood, don't use within our doors.

In fact, the single people that are unwelcome at Wedgewood are perfect individuals. We do not want anyone.

Words mean various things to different folks. "Liberal" to us, among other things, means being compassionate, empathic, having a believing religion, open to truth in non Christian traditions, and sincere regarding the intricacies of life and truth. In addition, it means welcoming individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities and supporting girls in ministry. It will not mean being a Democrat. On the flip side, a liberal Christianity is one which acknowledges separation of religion from politics isn't suitable for people of religion. Or put another manner, it is not all about paradise.

There are many words in churches. Christians spend an excessive amount of time assembly and worshipping for Bible study while ignoring said to do or doing anything Jesus did. At Wedgewood individuals are supported to be on a mission team.

We're constantly open to forming new mission teams.

Formulas are resisted by us. There's no one correct way to worship. There isn't any one perfect model of doing church and being. There isn't any one correct approach to preach or pray or perform the Lord's Supper or baptism. Much of what goes on at churches is only personal tastes.

Creeds are, firmly resisted by us additionally, accurate to our Baptist tradition. We're leery all figured out.

People that are judgmental.

Those who have to command or form other human beings.
Those who enjoy a committee-oriented church.
Those who are not comfortable with uncertainties and questions.
Those who are interested in being specific.
Those who are consistently the teacher and not the pupil.
Those who believe their abundance supplies them prerogatives in the steeples.
Those who are perfectionists.
Those who do not need to develop beyond the religion of their youth.
Those who are tough on themselves, causing them to be tough on others.
Those who prefer a forced unity.
Those who believe they have it all figured out.
Those who believe gender identity and sexual orientation are a selection. What minute? What second?)
For not having buildings, one reason was that the Church during portion of its first 300 years was persecuted. ( in case you're being persecuted why bring attention to yourself!) Some consider becoming the faith of the empire had negative effects that continue to the current.

Wedgewood is not unaware buildings can get in the way of being who God desires us to be. The focus of several churches will be on having larger builidngs, more buildings, finer buildings, all which takes lots of cash. Some churches relocate to get more well-off associates to feed their building dependency. To fund its "edifice complex" churches can expand privileges to their most affluent members, the individuals Jesus said had the most problem understanding and living the kingdom of God. A church may also forfeit its prophetic function, being afraid of losing the cash of people who need the church to concentrate on heaven and not on political problems. Earthly issues are excessively divisive and the final thing a church wants is for individuals to get upset and leave and take their cash with them. (Unexpectedly, some big chuches with fine buildings are prophetic. It could be done, but it's uncommon.)

Another disturbing trend is the fact that churches which only need to have buildings are bad stewards of their buildings, worrying their special buildings might get messed up.

We're not interested in having the finest church buildings in town, although at Wedgewood we try and maintain our buildings in good order. Now our buildings are used by 9 groups, including a Hispanic Church. We also place the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America as well as a district office for Al-Anon/Alateen. A Korean Congregation was placed at Wedgewood for a decade.

Too usually the focus of churches is the church. The church; yet, isn't the purpose. As God loved the world, the purpose is to adore the world.

By " believing religion" we don't mean that being a Christian needs being clever. Instead, what we've in mind is a religion that's religion, a religion that doesn't confound religion with conviction, a religion which has a lot more to do with being fair: frank about God, frank in regards to the Bible, sincere about life, honest about ourselves and others, sincere about having uncertainties.



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