Once you enter our doors, the differences in power, privilege and estate that apply on the outside, fade away. Irrespective of your sex, age, color, culture, ability, economic standing, sexual or affectional preferences, religious background and even skeptics..... You are all welcome in this special place.

At Wedgewood we are a committed group attempting to walk in Jesus' path of humility, to stand for social justice, go on an inward/outward journey, be inclusive of GLBTI, reflective, contemplative, incarnational, historical and futuristic church that has a forward-looking an at the same time a firmly entrenched theological creativity.

The Wedgewood theological menagerie consists of various kinds of spirituality that include humanist spirituality , peaceful spirituality , activist spirituality , grumpy spirituality , sincere belief spirituality , enlightening spirituality , a spirituality of simple style , labyrinth spirituality, poor as dirt spirituality , psychologically-focused spirituality and many other non-listed spiritualties too long to be listed here due to limited space and we simply don't know what other spiritualties will be joining our menagerie in the near future.

A member for over 1 year say:

"I am so happy I found a place that accepts me for who I am. I attended a number of other churches but never felt the acceptance and unconditional love I feel at Wedgewood. At other churches I felt ostracized because of my medical cannabis use, but here no one has ever made me feel bad about my medical cannabis use! Please feel free to visit my website about this wonderful and nature plant called Cannabis."

The current attitudes of Christians towards marijuana

WASHINGTON (RNS) American sees on weed are advancing much like their perspectives on gay marriage, as per another survey, with numerous individuals undecided however developing numbers for sanctioning. The survey, led by the Public Religion Research Institute in association with Religion News Service, found that 45 percent of those reviewed backing the legitimization of pot, contrasted with 49 percent who don't. Similarly as with the gay marriage discuss, more established Americans and white outreaching Protestants are generally restricted.

In any case, by and large, Americans don't appear to have an ethical issue with the developing pot authorization development, which won referenda in Colorado and Washington state last November, and is gathering critical quality in no less than seven different states. Less than one in four Americans (23 percent) thinks utilizing cannabis is a transgression, as indicated by the PRRI survey, directed between April 17 and 21.

One in three (35 percent) say the new changed laws are indications of good decrease in America. "The main people who grasp that thought are white outreaching Protestants. That is a minority perspective," said PRRI Research Director Daniel Cox, who noticed that six in 10 reject the thought. "Resistance has not been solid to pot legitimization, and I believe it's especially not as solid in examination to see on gay and lesbian issues, where you have a solid center of religious people who remain vociferously contradicted to authorizing same-sex marriage."

Fewer than three in 10 white evangelicals (29 percent) support the sanctioning of pot, contrasted and 40 percent of Catholics, 40 percent of minority Christians, and 49 percent of mainline Protestants. On the flip side of the range are the religiously unaffiliated: 66% (66 percent) support legitimization, as per the survey of 1,000 grown-ups, which has a room for give and take of give or take 3.5 rate focuses. The era hole is as wide as the religious one, with youngsters (54 percent) about twice as likely as senior nationals (28 percent) to see utilizing cannabis as ethically adequate.

"We see these generational contrasts even among specific religious groups," said Cox. As indicated by the survey, more youthful Christians, as well, are twice as prone to see marijuana use as ethically satisfactory contrasted with more established Christians will probably additionally support authorization, despite the fact that they'll likely be a tad bit behind Americans generally speaking," Cox said.

The reasoning of most white fervent Protestants is by all accounts that utilizing weed is out and out off-base. While four in 10 Americans trust (58 percent) among white zealous Protestants. White fervent Protestants (40 percent) are likewise significantly more prone to say utilizing the medication is a transgression or disallowed by the Bible than Americans generally speaking (23 percent).

The survey's creators take note of that the Bible does not specify marijuana. Be that as it may, the individuals who think utilizing it is evil are correct, said Russell Moore, the approaching president of the Southern Baptists' Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, which tries to impact open strategy with the category's ethical teachings. Sacred text makes plentifully clear, in Ephesians 5:18 and in numerous different spots, that intoxication is illegal, and getting high on cannabis is positively a type of inebriation, Moore said.

"God plans for us to be observing, shrewd, in control of our activities; and intoxication or comparative is risky for the individual and perilous for society all who call utilizing marijuana corrupt (40 percent) and the much littler minority who think of it as evil (23 percent), Moore said the qualification in the middle of impropriety and sin is false, and temples need to educate about sin all the more deliberately.

It might be that "social demeanors toward sin are illuminating our kin more than the Bible is," Moore said. Individuals might wrongly expect "that transgression is some particularly offensive act or is a private demonstration, where moral rightness or unsoundness chief of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, said the PRRI survey appears to affirm different studies and narrative confirmation about pot utilize: that around 20 percent of Americans "feel at their center that it is an ethical turpitude."



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